LINE's cryptocurrency link's release date in Japan has been announced.


The positive news came from the frontline of LVC Corporation, the cryptocurrency subsidiary of line, known as Japan's messaging app giant. LVC Corporation's cryptocurrency LINE will be launched within Japan from April.

Link To Be Listed On BitMax

According to a press release on January 30, LVC will also make further attempts to launch link in Japan for the first time. Link will also list its own cryptocurrency under BitMax, its own cryptocurrency exchange, after the license it received from Japanese regulators.

Line had already launched Link trading on its own international cryptocurrency exchange BitBox. Link trading, which has been available since October 2018, has been unable to be delivered here for some time due to strict regulations within Japan. LVC had to obtain licenses from the country's financial regulators to market it within Japan. The platform, which was licensed in September 2019, was also able to launch the BitMax cryptocurrency exchange in this way.

The Link will also enable investors to access decentralized applications directly, according to the information on the website. This interest in cryptocurrencies from giant institutions is actually a very big and positive development for the sector at large. Telegram, one of the world's leading messaging apps, has also taken a big step towards launching its own cryptocurrency but has been stuck at the helm of regulators